Tag: Standup Comedy

Tom Clark

A great episode with Tom Clark who cites his biggest influence as being Steve Martin who gave him the confidence to go with an unusual and irreverent style in his comedy. We also reminisce about Mitch Hedberg among others. Tom also addresses the ongoing confusion of people thinking he is the king of Peanut Brittle and Gnomes. It’s beyondORD. Episode 026
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Graham Elwood

Comedy Film Nerds are certainly familiar with Graham Elwood, comedian, film maker, producer, author and former Yugo owner. In this episode Graham talks about the reality of life on the road as a stand-up comic,  co-hosting with Chris Mancini his popular podcast Comedy Film Nerds, producing a Podcast Festival in Los Angeles, and how he’s making things happen. It’s beyondORD. Episode 023
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Kevin Bozeman

He has appeared on Last Comic Standing, just finished recording his fourth comedy album, teaches an accredited course in Stand Up at DePaul University, comedian Kevin Bozeman talks about Game of Thrones which is quickly redirected back to conversation about comedy, and his take on his profession. Great insights from one of the funniest guys working the top clubs. A worthy listen. It’s beyondORD. Episode 021
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Nick Vatterott

Nick Vatterott joins Dan in this episode that includes compelling conversation without the wacky computer generated sound effects you might expect. All wacky sound effects are the from the actual guests or host. They do not necessarily reflect the views of beyondORD or Zanies Comedy Clubs and in some instances may not be suitable for those who love wacky sound effects in general.  It’s beyondORD. Episode 020
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Tony Hinchcliffe

A great episode with Tony Hinchcliffe who shares how his Netflix Special came into being, teachers who labeled him a problem child, weed, getting into show business, writing for celebrities, renouncing veganism, following Jerry Seinfeld’s triumphant return at the Comedy Store and his affection for pro wrestling. Plus much more. It’s beyondORD. Episode 018
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Shaun Latham

The struggles and victories of battling it out on the road. Shaun Latham talks about his start in standup and the difficulties and opportunities along the way, including touring with Gabriel Iglesias, working with Paul Rodriquez and the experience of performing in some far out places on the planet. Good insight from a talented young comic. An episode you will surely enjoy. It’s beyondORD – episode 011
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