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Jonathan Kite

On the set of his first Stand Up Comedy Special Jonathan Kite talks with Dan about his career that was incubated in the very same location, Niles North High School in the suburbs of Chicago. With the taping only hours away, he discusses the excitement and anticipation of creating the show, his rise as an entertainer and of course, a brief history on developing the character Oleg whom he portrays on Two Broke Girls. It’s beyondORD. Episode 022
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John Caponera

The original Chicago Comedy gunslinger John Caponera was recently in town performing. Following his show we talked about his start in comedy and what happened along the way in his 30 plus year career. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s all part of a conversation that is both captivating and enlightening without being pretentious, which in self is a bit pretentious.  Baseball, Hockey, Wiffleball and tight rope walking in a speedo.  It’s beyondORD. Episode 019
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Joey Lee

A remote episode from Phuket Thailand, Dan catches up with Joey Lee who tells of how he ended up in Thailand via the Phillipines, Tanzania and South Africa from his comedy birthplace of South Florida. Get yourself updated on the comedy scenes in African and Asian, memories of the early days  getting started in comedy and the great people he’s met along with a dick or two. It’s beyondORD episode 014
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